Why You Need To Know the Hand-Painted Cool of Anntian

With handpainted surfaces and a great depth of care to visual and ecological details, the duo behind ANNTIAN master forward thinking cool with big ease.

Discover the intelligence behind this indie designer label.

Who: Designers, Anne Hiken & Christian Kurt

What: Mens & Womens, and at times unisex, busily printed textures that layer with versatility in unusual cuts.

When: Started in 2006 with S/S ’07 “A Stripes Back”. This is their Spring 2012 collection, “Graphics/Colors”.

Where: From Berlin, they show in Berlin, Paris and Tokyo.

Why: To create revealing little worlds surrounding an idea. To incur deep pondering and show fiction in an invasive way.To reduce ideas to their most basic essence and garner clarity.

How: Each piece is hand painted or hand printed, thus no two are exactly alike. They work with local manufacturers to keep a tight grip on quality, closely examining details, both on the surface and in the materials which are increasingly more ecologically sound. They use several working techniques to achieve their print, harmonizing methods to achieve the desired.

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