The New Yorker Returns

After a week in Beverly Hills surrounded by stick-thins, I’m back in my city and making a run for the Shack.

The New Yorker Returns

The New Yorker Returns

The New Yorker Returns

The New Yorker Returns

The New Yorker Returns

Not sure why everyone in LA is obsessed with Pink’s Hot Dogs. That’s on my mind, as well as the minor moment of sadness that comes from knowing that somehow my best shots from my last days in lala land, me showing Ron Howard how to retweet (at least there’s an instagram photo), having a spa day with Vanity Fair‘s Beauty Editor SunHee Grinnell, getting a little lunch time at Spago with Spiegel’s new Creative Director Richard Lowe and stylist Derek Walburton, all got erased and are missing forevs.

So you’ll just have to imagine me eating a double hot dog chili burrito while being drunk at 5am.

Being back in NYC made me long for some good fast food. Shake Shack is always on the top of my list. Deciding what to order, I contemplated my busy hectic life. Oscar week in LA was an amazing experience, hanging with the VF team was a dream come true and I’m hoping that some celebrity stardust rubbed off on me.

Reason being, I’m currently interviewing for three separate reality shows all based on bad asses trying to make it in the fashion industry. I’m hopeful that one of them actually considers casting me. I think I’m more suited for reality than any of the other positions available within the industry, and with the right network association, I could be bumping elbows with Coco and Naomi (Oxygen), Rachel Zoe and Brad (Bravo), Guiliana and Ryan over at E!, or Joe Zee on Sundance. Definitely a quick way to get some mega play for Indie and Socialyte. More on that if it happens, but if you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll get a few behind the scenes.

Speaking of reality, I recently spent a few hours with the Dukes of Melrose, first at their store, then again at the offices of Bravo. Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos are hilarious and the show is lots of fun, total fashion history lesson and a great lesson on investing in pieces that appreciate in value. We had to visit their store, heard so much about it over the years, everyone says that it’s a vintage mecca.

While at Decades, I bought this tulle trench dress.

The trench is from a limited edition collection by Dita Von Teese, and I figured it would wear it constantly, over just about everything. The dress is T by Alexander Wang, bought at Neiman Marcus in Bal Harbour Shops.

Boots are Belle by Sigerson, my fave, and the fur coat I’ve had since I was 15, bought it from a creepy Russian furrier, prob not the best way to buy fox fur, but I didn’t know any better back then.

The clutch in the post is actually from Refinery29‘s recent collabo with DKNY. Inspired by their Washington D.C. edition of the site, it’s a great little piece I just had to have. You can buy yours here…


Photos by Margrit Wenzel

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