Second Crazy Night of Chanukah Wish

Baruch atah adonai, elohanu melech h’olam, I want these snakeskin Jeffrey Campbells. Amen. (I’m a 10, hint hint wink wink). Happy Chanukah to my fellow tribesman. I hope all of your Chanukah/Hanuka/Hakuna Matata wishes come true. Especially mine.? Second Crazy Night of Chanukah Wish

These fiery scaled sliver cut platforms are so freaking hot! And I can’t ask Santa, so I’m asking you for The For Real Shoe by? Jeffrey Campbell, $148**

**Good news! If you want to get them for me, or you, or me (come on, it’s my wish!) since they’re at Karmaloop, you get? 20% off with the code FASHINDIE. Hooray!

And Happy Christmahanukwanzica to all.

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