Robeto Cavalli Thinks American Fashion Is “Terrible”, Anna Wintour Responsible

Saucy septuagenarian Roberto Cavalli, never one to mince words only fabric, recently let loose on the state of American fashion and the bobbed editrix at its dysfunctional heart. 

Robeto Cavalli Thinks American Fashion Is Terrible, Anna Wintour Responsible

“Just look at American fashion, which is almost fashion,” the daring designer told Italian newspaper La Repubblica. “It’s terrible and you almost can’t look at it, but it has been driven by a great journalist – Anna Wintour – who wants all women to be like her and to dress the way she does.”

Well…at least he said she was great…?

Cavalli also had some choice words for young, up-and-coming designers,  advising them to avoid minimalism and “to be different and try to create artistic styles.”

I guess it comes as no surprise that a man who considers leopard print a primary color would not be a fan of minimalism, but why the beef with La Wintour? Maybe he’s just been sipping on Azzedine Ala?a‘s haterade. [Vogue UK]

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