Dirty Clothes? Let the Sun Do Your Laundry

If you?€™ve ever hung your laundry out to dry or streaked your hair with lemon juice, you already know sunshine is a natural oxidizing agent. According to a story on? Mashable, Mingce Long and Deyong Wu, scientists from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, in China have leveraged this intel and devised a special cotton material that can clean itself when left under ordinary sunlight.

Dirty Clothes? Let the Sun Do Your Laundry


The fabric includes a coating of titanium dioxide, nitrogen, silver and iodine nano-particles that stands up to washing and drying. No word on when the wonder cotton will be available at the retail level ?€” or how it?€™ll impact future Tide and Chlorox commercials. Remember the ?€?Mama?€™s got the magic of Chlorox II?€? jingle? ?€?Mama?€™s got the magic of nano-particles?€? just doesn?€™t have the same ring to it.

Article by Bluefly at FlyAndMighty.com.

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