Buns Of Fun: 12 Ways To Bare A Bun

You don’t have to be a ballerina (or a sumo wrestler) to sport the bun.  The classic style is SUPER quick and easy to put together, and is perfect for keeping your hair out of your face on those hot summer days.   There are a myriad ways to style a bun. From sleek and simple to super texturized, here are 12 different ways to bare your bun this summer.

Buns Of Fun: 12 Ways To Bare A Bun

The two basic bun styles are ballerina and messy.  Once you have one of those down you can manipulate it by adding bands, shells or braids.

Sleek Ballerina Bun: To create the smoothed out look, you’ll need anti-frizz cream, a boar bristle brush and some hair spray.  Start by running the anti-frizz cream evenly through damp hair.  Use the boar bristle brush to gather all of your hair into a ponytail, making sure to brush out all of the bumps before you fasten with a scrunchie.  Once you have a ponytail, twist the tail around a few times, wrap it around itself until it forms a bun shape, and secure it with another hair scrunchie. Pin any loose strands with bobby pins, and don’t forget to hairspray those flyaways for a perfectly sleek finish.

Messy Bun: Take whatever hair you have — clean, dirty, curly or straight — bunch it up with your hands into a ball form, and secure the hair with the hair ties.  If the hair is looking a bit too crazy, wrap another hair tie around the bun.  Spray the finished look with some hairspray, and viola.




Messy Top Bun

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