BOUTIQUE CRITIQUE: New Downtown Men’s Shop, Entrepreneur New York

In a slice of Nolita on Kenmare, the self-made man can find his ideal digs. The two-month old shop, Entrepreneur New York knows that every day is causal Friday if you’re your own boss. This kind of casual sets you a head above the rest.

Get to know Entrepreneur better based on Style, Brands, Price, Neighborhood, Interior Perks, and see 5 looks styled by/on Lester Brathwaite. Happy shopping, gentlemen.


STYLE: Trend-Conscious Casual.
Witty Prada-referencing prints, statement hats, and a of jeans; the kind of comfort that gets you noticed.

Anchors and wheels. $93 House of Blues

Roses and racecars. $95 Under Two Flags

Abe Lincoln, Emancipation Proclamation and civil imagery. $71 Leather Island by Bill Lavin

Diamonds in straw fedora. $32 Peter Grimm

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